A Hunting we will go, A Hunting we will go, Hi Ho the EOS M hunting it will go!

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JJ Rodin Senior Member • Posts: 1,096
A Hunting we will go, A Hunting we will go, Hi Ho the EOS M hunting it will go!

f/w Version 2.0.2

22mm @ 5.6 using for video, high vantage pt. above ocean beach (really just the shore water rush) from 150 meters/yards or more, hard Focused, (sit Fido sit), then hunt for focus that way, then this way, then that way, then this way, never stopped, focus point would be missed every time! SAD!

Apparently Canon has never seen an ocean wave run out on beach? Or tuned its servo AF for it.

Remember, focus and then turn OFF servo AF or effort is wasted-video. It seems if you change any setting (exposure, ISO) servo AF is on again, I had to turn it off again and again.

Manual mode video, focus, make sure servo AF (bottom left icon) off and things likely will be fine for mostly static or same depth scenes.

Sad, I saw focus hunt with a 700D this summer, but it was big waves, those rocks did not move, shallow diagonal waves crashing over/past them, maybe confusing ?!

Me thinks very lousy PDAF/CDAF algorithms, blame h/w on this? I think not - or complete Hybrid system, likely?

Hybrid AF is NOT the answer, Canon hire someone from Panasonic and get CDAF finally correct !!

Missed a nice stills Pano, due to shot#2 not being in focus, just a swing rightward essentially same distance on sand - how could it take so long, those 6 shots are useless! (my fault but man oh man slow AF, my 50D or XSi would not do this)

Here it is 2013, and MF is your best friend, so sad!

Nice pics and video IF you have focus!

A bit disappointed but for $306, a nice touch screen, innards of a 650D, I guess I will keep it, just must be very diligent and very watchful even compared to P&S!

Canon SHOULD wait on releasing EOS M II, to really fix this AF !! Camera is too nice otherwise, keep the VF, fix the AF!

Canon EOS 50D Canon EOS 700D (EOS Rebel T5i / EOS Kiss X7i) Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i)
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