X-S1 $379 RIGHT NOW at Amazon

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Re: X-S1 $379 RIGHT NOW at Amazon

glutamodo wrote:

I don't know what I was thinking, but I had some other things set aside to buy at Amazon. I threw the XS-1 on with the other items... Knowing my luck the discount price is because these are older stock cameras with the ORB sensors.... I guess I'll find out in a few days...

Okay, the box from Amazon got here today - I opened it up and found a X-S1 with a serial number sticker showing 33A0####.  Okay... 33, that means it's from third quarter 2013?  I thought 23 or 24 was the end of production on these?  Is the serial number date code the calendar year or Fuji's fiscal year?

And if this was made fairly recently, I'm surprised at the 400 dollar price tag.

Anyway, that means it's not an Orb-O-Matic, which is good.

A couple first impressions-

I'm opening the box right now... All sealed factory new.  I look at the battery... Ah I recognize that one!  It just happened that I needed to charge my ancient F30 overnight so it was nearby, and I popped its battery out to compare... yep that's it.  Surprised that in 7 years the mAh rating has gone up any though.

Okay, camera looks good.  Lens does have some wobble, but that doesn't bother me.

Metal lens hood is nice, but kind of small. I think I like the enormous hood on my S100FS better.

All three of my Fuji bridges:

The X-S1's lens grip, I still think it looks like it belongs on some Tonka toy, but it works good.  I like the feel of the zoom mechanism.

EVF - yeah, much nicer than on those other two Fuji bridges!  And the back screen is good too.  Nice to see some decent quality graphics for the menus, the only other Fuji camera I have where the menus look this nice is my oldest one, the E550.  Not sure if I like the menu layout though...

So... no beep when you turn the Mode Dial?  I'll miss that.

It'll take a while to get used to left thumb buttons.  Like not having the review button either on the power switch (S9100) or for my right thumb (everything else)

Of course, it will take a long time to get to know all of this camera's settings as well.


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