Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: Don: your very I-st post to the DPR...

120 to 35 wrote:

1prime wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

...eight months ago, was very much pro Nex-FF aka Nex-FF - may I ask what did happen in the meantime to turn you into so staunchly against FF positions?



Also... perhaps you have been lurking here before that date, but... if not... you did miss to observe the fluidity and dynamics by which these forums do operate - the ebbs and flows: every time there is a new development, be it:

  • the fantastic, elegant and ground breaking Nex-7;
  • or... OSPDAF introduction in N5r and N6 (and the resulting disappointment, when it was discovered that the resulting AF'ing speed was nowhere close to what is needed for a successful fast action shooting);
  • and then the release [of again ground breaking) Rx-1;
  • followed a year afterwards by a sad and rather moronic scrapping of the very name of NEX;
  • slightly sweetened by the emergence of A7/a7r recently;

all these landmarks were characterized by a [very temporal] frenzy of pretty one-sided flood of posts, now (almost, witness the case of the RX-1's messages on this forum) forgotten and long gone!

frankly, to expect that DPR should follow these tidal waves each time with restructuring its hierarchy of public agoras is rather short sighted, and certainly much premature


jpr, You have a great momory but as I recall, I was earlier interested in the 7? or 7n as we liked to call Sony's or the rumored NEX 7 replacement. I put off buying a N6 to wait for the 7n. What a mistake. I also recall as the FF rumors started to surface, I thought of going along with the expected FF, but that was if the price was right. And, by golly, Sony did price it right, at least fair for all their R&D. But then I tried to figure my investment in E lenses, with only 1 Voightlander legacy lens, and the 5R captura suggested I buy. My conclusion was to remain content with my APSc system. It was interesting when so many decided the same. So jpr, that's really my path to this point.

I understand how those going A7&r want to hang onto this convenient and familiar forum. But their insistence, in the face of their 50 to 7 odds, just tramples over those of us who photographically or economically want to ride out our NEXes. Does that make sense to you?

I fully support jpr2's arguments about the ebbs and flows of posts. I would just like to add the observation that the novelty factor of A7 is the cause of most of the 50 or so threads. Example include "A7 shipping in Canada", "A7 camera of the year", "I've just got my A7". This type of thread will just stop in a month's time and things will be far more balanced.

Also note there are significant differences between jpr2's NEX-7 and my NEX-5R, such as the button to lock focus or aperture. We both have been able to contribute to this forum despite the fact and will continue with the A7, which as he pointed out, has the likely user-interface for any future Sony APS-C camera.

120, You make sense here. Let's see if this A7r furor subsides. If not, I might broach the subject again. But I'm with you in that most of have some FF interest. But at this time some balance just doesn't exist in posts. captura recently projected the scenario of two years from now when Sony pushes out its new A train, and the A7rs of this world experience what our Nexers have now. Best, Don

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