DXO mark's undeniable biases (or straight-up laziness)

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DXO mark's undeniable biases (or straight-up laziness)

I posted this yesterday as a response in one thread on a different forum, but realized it would probably be better off as its own thread. A few facts, followed by my own interpretation. I'd like to see what some other people's opinions are.

Here we go.

Fun facts about DXO and their lens reviews:

- 71 Canon lenses (of 84 listed) and 70 Nikon lenses (of 84 listed) have been tested, totalling 141/168 lens tests between the two companies

- If you combine the listed lenses from Ricoh, Lomography, Fuji, Kenko-Tokina, Konica-Minolta, Leica, Lensbaby, Noktor, Rokinon, Samsung, Samyang, Schneider Kreuznach, SLR Magic, Tokina and Voigtlander, you get a total of 143 different lenses

- Of those 143 listed lenses from those 15 companies, 26 have been tested

- If you remove Tokina from that list of companies, there remain only 15 tested lenses between those other 14 companies

- If you continue, removing Lomography, Fujifilm, Kenko-Tokina, Leica, Lensbaby, Noktor, Rokinon, Schneider Kreuznach, SLR Magic and Voigtlander from that list, you still end up with only 15 lenses tested as every one of these companies has only preview listings and not a single actual test.

- My personal theory about why: Leica and Fujifilm would make Nikon lenses look bad on their own turf (FF/APS-C) and push them down the ratings list. Schneider Kreuznach and maybe Voigtlander would make Nikon lenses look bad on the rankings lists AND show people that there is indeed a reason people use larger formats than "full-frame" or spring for ridiculously expensive M43rds lenses. Samyang would make Nikon lenses look bad, on their own turf, using their own mount, and for a fraction of the price of Nikon's name-brand versions. For the most part, the others are either defunct (i.e. Minolta), toy/effect lenses that aren't made for 'quality' per se (looking at you, SLR Magic and Lensbaby)...

- If it's not already apparent, I secretly suspect DXO is funded almost entirely by Nikon

All quoted numbers accurate as of Monday night.

There must be a reason some of the best brands out there have no lens tests to speak of on what is, to many, THE quality comparison site in cameras. Again, this has been my own vaguely tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the facts I listed above. Let me know what you think.

And please...be gentle.

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