Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: re: no, not a red-herring at all - sadly no...

jpr2 wrote:

rogatsby wrote:

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Well, if those experienced users who are now spending their time commenting on the A7 were interested, they would comment more on NEX topics. With forum separations, those people will move away and we won't necessarily get more posts from other knowledgeable NEX users.

This is a red-herring argument. I view all users who still actively use NEX to be valuable contributors. People who move to FF and still take the time to comment on Nex issues are simply a bonus. There are many experienced members here who contribute in multiple forums - m43, Nex, Canon, Nikon, etc. That will never change.

...I've witnessed disappearance of very many top-quality posters too many times not to be rather dismayed at a prospect of such exodus to be happening again !!

Personally I'm so far a steadfast N7'er, of pretty intense, daily use and tens of thousands RAW keepers (and as they are about 95% MF-only, you can multiply the number of actual captures by1.5-2x factor, as they have been shot in dynamic situations predominantly, so the keeper ratios are understandably lower).

However, I'm also pretty much interested in E-mount FFs:

  • right now mostly due to rather protracted wait for Sony to finally deliver OSPDAF solution capable of fast, dynamic action shooting and tracking;
  • but also a7s are a test bed for S. to experiment & [possibly improve] the current UI and external controls,
  • which we'll most probably see soon in e.g. N7 mk-II and subsequent Nex'en upgrades;

All said - should this ill-conceived divide be enforced, and thus being forced to make a choice I'll go with the FF'ers to the new forum. Yes, I'm interested in both formats, but have time and attention to follow ONLY ONE forum = no interest at all grass-hopping from community to community and back again,


"right now mostly due to rather protracted wait for Sony to finally deliver OSPDAF solution capable of fast, dynamic action shooting and tracking;"

This is the conundrum and if Sony can't invent the solution to this problem and implement it on these cameras within the next year or two, they are dead in the water and may get out of the camera business. Except for their small p & shoots. are so optimistic about updates to N6/7 but it may never happen. Or maybe there's some new information about new/revised Sony APS-C cameras?????

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