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Re: bet on it - NEX is only a name

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120 to 35 wrote:

NEX stands for Next E-mount Experience. The name did make sense for one generation of different camera models but looks a bit dated after a few years. What do you call the next thing after the last next thing? Future E-mount models just using the general Alpha brand with model numbers sounds more up-to-date.

We all get it. Why keep repeating the same thing, over and over. But no one KNOWS if there will be APS-C rangefinders in our future, DO they?

It is the first time I have mentioned this point about the NEX name.

BTW, you seem to think you speak for more than one person when you say "we all get it".

120, I suggest you look up captura's record on DPR. He has been a leader, a coach, a real helper to me and others, and often a spokesman for NEXers. Yes, we all get pigeon-holed from time to time and captura is no exception, mainly because he is not afraid to say what needs to be said. He has the respect of his fellow very senior posters here. So I'd also be careful how you blithely take exception to him. Maybe some self-reflection is needed on your part 120.

Thanks for the reminder. I see his current forum activity and it mainly consists of this sort of comments which add up to a large number and make him a senior poster. Here he first says my comment was repeating something, which is not true, then he says something about ragefinders, which the comment does not refer to. It seems he is replying here to my comments in some other thread days ago. But I take your advice and will ignore any such comments in the future.

120, Thanks for your acknowledgement. I just left reading one of captura's responses to jpr, where cap also acknowledges that his filing system for posts isn't as good as jpr's memory. I identified with that. Even in this thread that's taxing me to my limit (but I think for a good cause.). cap is a good guy, and so are you. One of the rewarding aspects of this divided thread is how so many posters from each side have shown humor and understanding for the other.  And of course, there always exist the extremes. I hope I'm not one of those! Don

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