Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: re: NO, don't do it - differences are very slight indeed...

jpr2 wrote:

D Cox wrote:


There is not enough difference between the NEX cameras and the A7(r) to justify two forums, in my opinion.

moreover, it is very, very likely, that should there be N7 mk-II then in all probability it will inherit in FW all the UI functionality, menus, and perhaps even the plethora of external controls: knobs, wheels and configurability from the a7/a7r.

So... any shortcomings present right now in these two FFs - and there are already some quite grave ones discovered and described on this very forum - should be discussed in length here. As limited as our options are, this is a best place to discuss them, with some hope that it maybe will influence how/what will be implemented in mid Feb. next year into the N7 mk-II (and other Nex'en replacements),


An N7 mk-II? Hah! That's reaching. Sony couldn't even bother to update the near-perfect NEX-7!

There is no consistency to Sony, historically and at present. You have an operating manager whho has shown zero commitment to present customers and whose main purpose seems to be to bring a sparkling new product to the marketplace, every 6 months. It's just as likely that in two years, the A7 cameras will be cancelled in favor of something else. You will need a crystal ball to predict Sony's vacillations.

The A7/A7r have deficiencies already, and others will crop up I am sure, as soon as more of them get into the hands of real people. (not just paid hacks and Sony fanboys.) This is whatbcan happen when a new product is rushed into the market. But Sony Corp. is just as likely to abandon a line if it doesn't meet it's sales targets, as to invest in improvements to the line. Canon and Nikon, taking a different, more consistent approach, are more respected by pros. and their DSLR's sell much more than Sony's, for that reason.

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