Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: re: you do exagerate - but perhaps it is a legitimate argumantative ploy...

jpr2 wrote:

rogatsby wrote:

I agree 100% that the a7/R and the Nex cameras need separate forums. I don't plan on buying the FF Sony, and I am still completely satisfied with my Nex. I want to come to the forum to get and share info about Nex cameras and lenses, and also share some photos with fellow Nex users, but that has become nigh impossible. Any Nex question is basically ignored at the moment.


  • there simply wasn't a NEX thread with a good questionthat got ignored, after the a7s were released in the third decade of Oct. 2013;
  • more importantly, it is very, very likely, that should there be N7 mk-II then in all probability it will inherit in FW all the UI functionality, menus, and perhaps even the plethora of external controls: knobs, wheels and configurability from the a7/a7r;
  • so... any shortcomings present right now in these two FFs - and there are already some quite grave ones discovered and described on this very forum - should be discussed in length here;
  • as limited as our options are, this is a best place to discuss them, with some hope that it maybe will influence how/what will be implemented in mid Feb. next year into the N7 mk-II (and other Nex'en replacements),



And I felt guilty for dominating this thread I started....  And as far as NEX threads not being ignored. If you put yourself in our NEX places... first, many NEXers have stated here they just feel pushed off their own former forum; and even if they make a post, it falls so rapidly off the page, it isn't there or is hard to be found by other NEX posters. Recognize that going a week ago from 50 NEX posts per page to 7 does make a significant difference.

But I think all this clear logic falls on deaf FF ears. The clamor of the newest FFs is the cause.

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