Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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...and how many of the FF posts were started by you and others intent on kicking FF out?

1prime wrote:

sroute wrote:

Between the:

- I don't want to talk about A7 camera threads, and

- Can we please have a new forum, and

- NEX is dead!, and

- NEX is alive!, and

- the onslaught of YOU DON'T NEED A FULL FRAME SENSOR threads started by NEX and MFT aficionados

... if we just cut out all the nonsense above, this would be a quieter forum and you wouldn't feel it necessary to create new sub-forum organization.

My vote remains: Please create a SONY FORUM ORGANIZATION SUBFORUM

... but leave all the others as-is.

ssroute, You have the substance of over 2,000 posts and a good sense of humor. But you do miss the point.

When this E forum reverts from a full page to a mere 7 posts, contrasted with the same page filled with 50 FF posts, along with 3 posts misguidedly pushing 4/3 issues, it's time for DPR to rethink its forum strategy. Go over and read the Nikon forums; they have divisions much like many of us are suggesting. It would be reasonable and workable for Sony to have 4 forums. If it's possible and practical to have a 5th dual forum for common FF and APSc issues such as lenses, do that too, but I have a feeling that would be over the top. So let's settle for 4 forums.

In some ways NEXers must be thankful DPR has listened but not exterminated this thread. NEXers don't speak from what a few suggest is an inferiority complex. No, the 50 to 7 ratio should explain the problem.


Seems to me very few of the threads dealing with new FF cameras are worth reading since most talk issues like you've started vice real attributes/comparisons of the cameras.  Many of the folks who are getting the A7(R)s are keeping a NEX body.  I've learned so much from many of the regular posters on this site (including you, btw), would be sad to be no longer welcomed to the forum just because I added a body to my E-mount collection that some think should be excluded.


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