Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Annex: now, this is what I'd call a perfectly rounded argument...

Annex wrote:

I have a (new) A7r, a NEX6, a NEX 5N, an X100s amongst many other cameras. The A7r shares vastly more with the NEX6 than it doesn't. Given that I have actually own both types of camera, Im sorry but my position is simply better informed than yours.

In a few minutes of use I was able to find the options and setting familiar to NEX users, I can mount my lenses (albeit in crop more) and the APS-C output is very similar to my NEX-6.On top of that all my NEX accessories work perfectly on the Alpha.

One of the prime reasons for choosing the A7r over the A7 is the ability to use crop lenses and retain good resolutions from the APS image resulting so yes, I personally am still interested in APS-C lenses. I'm sorry you don't see the familiarity and common ground but I own both systems. And I do.

What really disappoints me here is that senior users (eg captura, blue_skies) are being dragged into the name calling and chest beating (on both FF side and APS-C side). You guys are usually the ones who can be relied upon to present reasoned thoughts and frankly act like grown ups.

Real shame.

...clear, concise, well presented, and up to the point - bravo !!


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