24 mp (A7) vs. 32 mp (A7R) vs. 16 mp (E-M1)

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Re: Shutter Shock in DPReview EM-1 Test Scenes

texinwien wrote:

From ISOs 100-400 (shutter speeds 1/40-1/160) in DPReview's EM-1 test scenes, shutter shock is clearly visible, rendering the results of any MTF analysis based on those files (such as the results shared here) suspect, at best.

For your consideration, a cropped screenshot of the new DPR test scene showing the E-M1 RAW files at ISOs 100-800:

It is difficult to overlook the increase in sharpness at ISO 800.

I believe this visual evidence is unassailable. The ISO 800 photo is clearly sharper than the ones taken at lower ISOs,

Ugh, you are right. Is that shutter shock? Since I was curious, I re-measured the three systems at ISO800

Average Vertical and Horizontal MTF50 Readings by MTF Mapper as in previous post.

The A7s are within a couple of percentage points at the two ISOs, while the EM1's differ by 16%.

rendering MTF Spatial Resolution Readings such as the ones shared here suspect, if not worthless, based on the GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) principle.

Why would the data be suspect, worthless or garbage?  The measurements are what they are, so assuming DPR used proper technique this is what one can expect in terms of MTF50 out of this hardware at their least processed settings.  It's just data.


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