10x optical zoom for 4/3 Olympus (28-280)

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I looked it up on th net, using: http://patft.uspto.gov/

It has a date of Nov 02 - in the text, it goes back to 1999.

I'm not an expert on patents or lens design, so I cannot comment any further.

Lens experts please jump in!

First sentence from the Abstract:

The invention relates to a compact zoom lens system which can be applied to a relatively large image pickup device and can maintain sufficient image-formation capability even at a wide-angle end of 70.degree. or greater and a zoom ratio of about 10 or greater.

brian wrote:

I don't read this group too often, so forgive me if this is common
knowledge. I just discovered a fairly recent Olympus patent the
other day for a 14-140 zoom for the new 4/3 format. Aperture is ~
f/3.5 - f/4.5, 35mm equivalent is approx. 28-280mm, and it appears
to be a legitimate "ED" design with fluor crowns located where they
might actually do some good. The patent number is U.S. 6,483,648.
J. Brian Caldwell

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