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As said, I had two versions of the 40/1.4, a Pen-F and a younger FT version.

Can you share how to tell them apart?

You have to look to see if it has the 'FT' scale on the aperture ring. Once will have the aperture number (1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, etc). The other side of the ring (180 degrees) with have numbers numbers corresponding to an exposure value for FT cameras (1,2,3,4....).

I also think the the older lenses have a amber/brownish coating while the newer lenses are more of a blue/purple coating. The one I ended up getting was the older version but it was still very sharp. It's sharper at 1.4 than any other lens I've used wide open.

G.Zuiko is a pretty good lens, but in my testing it has pretty much the same sharpness as Canon FD 50/1.4. Canon though has better contrast and less flare. Unless size/weigh is more important I would recommend Canon, it's also significantly cheaper. Due to the age of the lenses it's also easier to find Canon than Olympus lens in good shape. Both lenses are somewhat behind SEL5018 at F/2, but Zuiko and Canon have better bokeh, better character, especially on portraits shots.

There is no way the Canon FD 50/1.4 is as sharp as the little Zuiko at f/1.4.

I don't need to guess. I tested both lenses, I sold Olympus, because there were no observable differences in resolution, and Canon definitely has better coating resulting in lower flare and better contrast. Canon also works on full frame, which is important. Here is an old test between a chrome nose and Zuiko:

Your test shows exactly what I am talking about. The Zuiko is a lot sharper wide open. In real life shooting (more contrast), the difference will be more obvious. The pictures with the Canon will almost be like a soft focus photo, while the Zuiko will not show that effect.

Canon FDn 50/1.4 wide open

Zuiko 40/1.4 wide open

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