Nikon d5100 auto focus nightmare..

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Grass "only" seem greener on the other side. Try Mirrorless with Face Detection

Cruch wrote: I currently have a Rebel XT and Canon t3i. I often shoot in low light and these cameras suck for low light and have slow, hunting auto-focuses.

Its your sigma lens or non-usm lens. For example, a fast aperture lens like Tamron 17-50/2.8 hunts incessantly on all my canon dslr in low-light. Where as a so called "slow aperture" canon 17-85/3.5~5.6 USM focus instantaneously in low light without hunting. If you can instant Low Light AF, stick with Canon lens. Don't go 3rd party with their reversed-engineered AF algorithm. They're problematic when it comes to low-light AF. Buy yourself a real canon USM lens.

I got the d5100 and the first thing I noticed was the HUGE difference in focus speed and reliability. It just 'locked in on first try'. Never hunted around. Very fast and awesome in low light.

That is also because you're using a real Nikon lens on Nikon camera.  Plus Nikon build-in AF lamp is very convenient

I kept saying.. 'wait a minute.. that table in the background is in focus.. not the subject'. And it was a theme throughout most of the pictures.

In my experience with canon and nikon DSLR, I noticed

  • Canon tend to error on Front Focus: focus on nearest object over person' face
  • Nikon tend to error on Back Focus: focus on tree/shrubs/fences behind person's face

The fault lies with DSLR and AF points arrangements.  If you're subject's face is not in the [] AF point, but a sharper object (trees, fences, etc...) is, then AF [] is focus on whatever the object is.

That is why for people shooting with thin DOF of a fast prime, I prefer using Face Detection on my Mirrorless Camera.  Face Detection works wonderfully, and hardly get fooled.  You might want to give that a try.

I recommend you give Panasonic G5/G5/GX1/GX7 a try first.  Panasonic has the fastest AF in mirrorless.

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