Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

Annex wrote:

captura wrote:

navierb wrote:

E-Mount is E-Mount, no matter which Sensor Size has

That's like saying we all breathe oxygen.

So, essentially true?

E-mount *is* emount and there is more shared between the FF & APS-C than that which differs. Why would it be good to split? Just so people feel better for 2-3 weeks?

Just let the furor pass and it will be fine for both camps.

We are in a ridiculously heightened state atm where both sets of users feel marginalised and are fighting for no good reason, this is purely due to the change effect. Lets things settle, stop shouting and pointing fingers and discussions/decisions will be FAR more sane.

I'm an APS-C and FF user, both in e-mount and other systems, both sony systems share vastly more than they differ despite the calls for segregation. People need to calm down and stop the histrionics, its seriously lame and is becoming a major spoiler to these forums.

"I'm an APS-C and FF user, both in e-mount and other systems.."

So you are saying that you already have a FF Sony, either the A7 or the A7R? You must be one of the very select & lucky few!

There is NOTHING shared between the FF Sony's and the APSC Sony's except the Alpha name. Although the lenses use the same E-mount configuration, they may as well NOT be interchangeable. For who in their right mind would get NEX-APS-C lenses for their A7? And who would want to pay the huge price for a huge FE lens which is designed for an A7, just mount it on their NEX?

Were you being obtuse, or just a little slow? The latter is forgivable.

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