Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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FF 50 posts vs APS-c the NEX need clear?

sroute wrote:

Between the:

- I don't want to talk about A7 camera threads, and

- Can we please have a new forum, and

- NEX is dead!, and

- NEX is alive!, and

- the onslaught of YOU DON'T NEED A FULL FRAME SENSOR threads started by NEX and MFT aficionados

... if we just cut out all the nonsense above, this would be a quieter forum and you wouldn't feel it necessary to create new sub-forum organization.

My vote remains: Please create a SONY FORUM ORGANIZATION SUBFORUM

... but leave all the others as-is.

ssroute, You have the substance of over 2,000 posts and a good sense of humor. But you do miss the point.

When this E forum reverts from a full page to a mere 7 posts, contrasted with the same page filled with 50 FF posts, along with 3 posts misguidedly pushing 4/3 issues, it's time for DPR to rethink its forum strategy. Go over and read the Nikon forums; they have divisions much like many of us are suggesting. It would be reasonable and workable for Sony to have 4 forums. If it's possible and practical to have a 5th dual forum for common FF and APSc issues such as lenses, do that too, but I have a feeling that would be over the top. So let's settle for 4 forums.

In some ways NEXers must be thankful DPR has listened but not exterminated this thread. NEXers don't speak from what a few suggest is an inferiority complex. No, the 50 to 7 ratio should explain the problem.


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