Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: Yes, yes and YES!...and the "big stinky pile"

captura wrote:

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ottonis wrote:

The Cybershot forum does also comprise FF (RX1/r), 1" (RX100) and all the other small-sensor compacts all in one forum and people don't really complain.
The FF and APS-C E-mount cameras have so much more in common than the different cybershots, so it would only be consistent not to split the E-mount forum.

In an ideal world, every camera model and every lens would have their own forum, but this wohld lead to a monumental number of forums with a declining user base.

The Cybershot forum consists of nothing else but Point 'n Shoots, so therefore... all the bliss 'n harmony!

The fullframe Sony's have absolutely nothing in common with the Nexie apsc's. Even the lenses, although interchangeable, are not practically applicable.

What would make more sense would be to dump the A7's and the RX1's into the same hamper.

Thanks Steve. Now I get it!!! It's just like my better 1/2 keeps telling me. "Put them in the right hamper. No, the reds over here!" Hey, wouldn't it be great if DPR would just give us one more hamper. Or better yet, let us keep our old musty E hamper, and let them start up their own new one. When I think of it, the FFers are sort of like my son when he was a teenager. His mom would put up with things from him like just throwing all his multi-colored stinky laundry in the same pile. And that's how some of us NEXers feel. We've been reduced to post in one big stinky pile. That's a measurable fact and not merely, as some FFers here would like to portray in this thread...not simply some psychologically induced insecurity on the part of APS-Cers. Don

You got it. And when I think about it, they have us in a really stinky mess, too! A camera series which may not exist anymore. And not knowing that makes matters even worse, for everyone3. Imagine needing to abandon one's house because of a flood and then never being allowed to visit again to see if it's still there?

And them making you a refuge in some huge temporary shelter with a lot of peop0le who you never really want to associate with, some of whom are continuously rude to you? You get the picture.

Steve, Their (FF) persistence seems to require such fundamental metaphors to get our point across. But the real question is if DPR actually reads these posts? And even more significant, will they act on them?

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