Are new/better cameras overrated?

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Re: Are new/better cameras overrated?

It really depends on personal preference.

Each new camera generally brings new features and/or performance to the table. For some users, these new bits may be important, while for other users they may be insignificant.

I used a G3 for a while, but wasn't terribly happy with the ISO 3200 performance indoors. This can be mitigated by using flash solutions, something that I am currently improving at, but a cleaner ISO 3200 was something that mattered to me.

Enter the E-M5, with a clean ISO 3200 that suits me just fine. From this point onward, I don't really need or want better ISO performance, the E-M5 is good enough.

If your existing camera is good enough, then there is no need to upgrade on a short cycle and money should be spent on lenses instead. If your lenses are good enough, then spend money on visiting visually exciting places or events.

This has been the accepted wisdom in photography circles for some time, and I think it still holds true today, despite the differences between film and digital imaging. This was not necessarily true a couple of years ago, when digital sensor performance was increasing at a fast rate.

Sensor seems to have plateaued at the 'good enough' level in 2012, and while we will still see further improvements, newer digital cameras are goo enough for the vast majority of users.

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