Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Leica glass, especially the post WWII glass has a higher contrast; not as high as most Zeiss lenses which some people think is too high, but higher than the typical Japanese/Korean/Chinese glass. Some prefer a lower contrast lens because they believe that it produces better shadow response.
Some people prefer the Zeiss lens look because due to the higher contrast the images look sharper even though by testing they aren't and the images have more pop. I am fond of Leica glass because, for me, it hits a happy medium.

It doesn't mean that Leica or Zeiss images are better. They are just different. A side by side comparison of CV lenses, which I like very much and the German lenses will reveal this difference.I am quite partial to my CV 35mm Nokton 1.2 which is Japanese and produces lovely images with a superior bokeh, but the look is very different from my 40mm Summicron or my 28mm Elmarit. It is not a matter of focal length. It is a matter of glass formulation and the subtle shadings that result .

You will note that the image I put up was purposely shot with a Japanese camera and lens and not a Leica. I really have no favorite cameras. They are all different and produce images with a different character which is largely a product of the lens assuming that sensor IQ and response are equal.

As for my not reading the responses, you are wrong. I do read them. I think it more likely that many of you have missed my point, which was that whether the subjects discussed are images, equipment and/or bragging rights if that is of interest or shared technical issues, a camera specific forum should really stick to that camera so that newby's to the site can know what to expect when venturing into what is apparently on this forum a sensitive and dangerous territory.

I am a person of good will and if I have offended you by intruding into your website, I do apologize.

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