Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

blue_skies wrote:

1prime wrote:

We've just about exhausted a lively interchange between FF & APSc advocates. At risk are some recognized solid DPR contributors. That thread is almost concluding, I think, before we start throwing our cameras at each other!

So I'm throwing out an old proposal: Please DPR, separate us. Give the relatively new to A7&r, enthusiastic FFers their own forum so they can learn about their new systems. Hey, I understand how they want to preen over their A7r's treatment of eyes. "Eye" would too if I ponied up a couple of grand or more. The A7&r are great Sony developments, but they're not for everyone.

At the same time, some of us orphaned Sony NEXers want to communicate and learn more about our systems without being continually put down. We'd like our thoughts and questions to carry for a few minutes on DPR before plummeting off the page with FF posts. It's been suggested we post some pics, only to watch our lesser MPed pics plummet to the bottom for a similar cause.

So DPReview, why don't you review your decision to keep us together? I initially saw your and Sony's logic that we NEXers might, and many did, jump to the new A7&r. But at this point, I really think most of us have made our decision whether to go FF or remain with our NEX systems. I respectfully recommend we have 2 forums, one for FF and one for NEX.

Yes, I agree - FF and APS-C for Sony makes sense. But it would make for four Sony forums:

  • A-mount/APS-C (SLT)
  • E-mount/APS-C (Nex)


  • A-mount/FF (A99 and new A-FF cameras)
  • E-mount/FF (A7/r - possibly move RX1/R here too?)

Additionally, I vote for one more option:

move all comparison posts to a 'comparison forum'. Have an autobot pick up threads that start comparisons and move them automatically.

Thoroughly agree and it's not just NEX vs. full frame. There is a huge influx of MFT posts attacking the new A7/R on this forum. It's getting worse daily and most pre-orders haven't even been received yet. Any serious NEX discussion threads are buried quickly here. I count 10 anti A7/R pro MFT threads currently on our front page. There are no pro Sony, NEX or A7/R threads on the MFT forum. It's out of control.

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