Tips for handheld night outdoor city shooting?

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Re: Ah, yes, a gear list would be helpful :) ...

agentul wrote:

jalywol wrote:

I was thinking the 25mm would be the better choice, since it is a good compromise between too long and too wide. I usually shoot in Troy using a 12mm or 14mm, and when I have used the 25mm, it has seemed just a little long sometimes, but that's usually for architectural subjects. Given that, I think the 25mm will be right in my comfort zone to get both people and background in the shots.

i concur. it's the main reason i bought this lens: to be able to take pictures in low light. here are some examples (hand held or leaning against objects, directly from the camera, no post processing, all of the ISO3200 glorious noise):

I think that, while the GH2 limits the shutter speed at around 1/60 ~ 1/50 with this lens, it is good to keep it in A, just to be safe. however, P might also be a viable option, as you may sometimes trade ISO for a higher shutter speed for reduced camera shake. i, for one, don't have much expectations at night - my p&s days have taught me to be grateful for every chance that i can take a decent-looking photo.

Thank you, those examples with EXIF intact are VERY helpful! Much obliged.  (And yeah, my GH2 did indeed have glorious ISO 3200, too . )


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