Tips for handheld night outdoor city shooting?

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Re: Ah, yes, a gear list would be helpful :) ...

jeffharris wrote:

Bob Tullis wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Mostly I am just trying to figure out how to keep me and my hands warm enough to get some good shooting time in, since it is supposed to be a chilly day (high around 25° F). Stealth is not an issue, although I probably will be wearing a longish black coat for warmth .

Handwarmer packets (sold in some drug stores, all outdoors stores).

Fingerless Gloves:

I've got fingerless gloves (the magic glove version; those tiny thin ones that stretch to fit your hand....cost about $1 a pair :), and this year I got a pair of those "tech enabled" magic gloves, too. I'm thinking I will put the fingerless ones over the tech enabled ones and that should keep my hands from outright freezing while still enabling me to use the touch screen if I need to. Those warming packets sound like a good idea, also.



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