GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

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Re: GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

MrWalrusGumboot wrote:


I own both cameras so hopefully can help.

Firstly the GH3 doesn't haven't peaking in any mode, so if that's a requirement for you, that helps narrow things down. The GX7's peaking is superb, 3 different colour choices per sensitivity level, works in video and stills and in the viewfinder, even with picture in picture mode. Let's not forget too that the GX7 will stabilize your manual lenses too.

In terms of video differences, in AVCHD their video capabilities are virtually identical, picture-wise (keep in mind the GX7 doesn't have a mic input or headphone output). But the GX7's video is still outstanding. GH3 also offers h.264 codec in mov at 72mbps and 50mbps, I think you know if you need that bitrate, if you don't know, you probably don't need it.

Customisability, they rate about the same. Both offer tons of control and physical buttons. GX7 adds something I really like, Touch AE, kinda like spot metering I guess but without the hassle of changing your metering mode in-definitely.

GH3 is weather sealed mith mg body. GX7 has mg body but no weather sealing. I've used GH3 is snow conditions to -12 Celsius for two hours shooting star trails and no issues. Haven't tried the GX7 is really trying conditions yet, but I think it'll do okay.

Battery life, in video I can get around 4 hours on one battery from my GH3 which is astounding, the GX7 about half of that. I can generally get a solid day shooting stills on the GX7 before needing the spare.

Viewfinder, GX7 hands down, also I love and use the tilting all the time.

LCD, close call, the GX7 looks better, but the GH3 is fully articulated which is handy.

Both have silent mode, however I think the side affects are more noticeable on the GH3. Silent mode is incredibly useful for me,

Both have wifi, but the GX7 allows you to see your live view during video shooting, where the GH3 doesn't. The wifi is fantastic and a feature I use very regularly. It's also made others happy that I can share shots straight away, even on proper jobs.

Image quality, pretty close, I perceive my GX7 shots to be a little sharper but haven't done a thorough comparison.

To me, the GX7 is the funner camera to shoot with, I own one of these bags and keep it with a 12mm Oly, 25mm panny, 45mm Oly, 35-100mm panny and it's an absolute joy.

I still enjoy my GH3, and will use it on certain video applications or for stills where the battery grips helps me out etc. otherwise it's GX7 all the way.

Hope that helps.

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you seriously see a difference in raw files??

i don.t, but i DO see a diff on video for the GH3 - way better and the weatherproofness is awesome (got hit by a wave in hawaii and it works fine),,better ergonimics too. And the fully tiltable back screen on GH3 allows for really amazing super low shots and self shots. Just not sold on the gx7 for pics and video. What else really matters?

As I mentioned, I haven't done any thorough testing (because it's not that important to me), but yes my perception is the GX7 is giving me slightly sharper images. However I'm not side by side with the same lens shooting the same scene, it doesn't bother me that much. Either is capable of sensational images.

Video quality, I don't think there's any difference in AVCHD mode at all, compared with the GH3's MOV mode, sure. However, as I said in my first post, you know if you need that bitrate and codec. If you don't know, you don't need it.

Free angle screen, absolutely. It's great having the free angle on the GH3, I don't find the tilting on the GX7 to be more discreet for street shooting, but for many other applications the GH3 screen is better.

To clarify my point to others, I spent over two hours sitting in the snow at high altitude (4km above sea level) shooting star trails with the GH3 and the 7-14mm lens at -12 degrees C. It wasn't snowing while I was shooting, but I'm indicating the conditions I was in.

I'm not bagging the GH3, I love mine and still see a reason for me to own both. I just think the GX7 seems to meet the OP requirements more.
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