Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

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Re: Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

CAcreeks wrote:

Do you always have your X10 set to M (medium) size?

Yes. I don't like to postprocess off camera, and I like to maximize DR while minimizing ISO. That puts me in the "M school", so to speak. I have no doubt that L size provides more detail, but 6 MP + 4x zoom is more than enough for nearly all my uses, & provides a better overall picture IMHO. I have an HS25 & haven't pulled it out for any "serious" work since the X10 arrived.

Note that, on the X10, it is not possible to shoot DR 400 / ISO 100 / f/2.0 / shutter speed of 1000. In fact, I'm not sure you can even shoot a true DR 400 shot with ISO 100, f/20, and shutter speed of 640 (say), on account of the shutter limitations (max 1000 at f/2.0). I was recently looking at an AE BKT (+/-1) where all three shorter exposures were the same, much to my dismay. Had I known that in advance, I would have decreased the aperture. :-/

I don't know if this is true with the XF1.

Presumably 2816x2112 pixels are not due to downsampling. In the EXIF there's no evidence of DR 200 or 400.

DR 400.

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