Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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Re: Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

Jim Evidon wrote:

You'll have to admit that I generated a lot of discussion. If you all are happy to call it a Leica forum when it is really primarily an image forum, that's fine. As someone commented, there are several excellent Leica oriented forums that carry technical, product commentary and images on sub-forums.

Those who believe that using Leica branded Panasonic lenses for the images justifies calling this a Leica forum are entitled to their opinion. I have four Panasonic Leica formulated lenses and they are quite nice. But they are not Leica lenses, nor are they made with Leica formulated glass nor do they produce the unique Leica image, sharp as they are; and they are very sharp. Those who have used Leica lenses know what I am talking about. It is something that cannot be explained, but has to be experienced.Some may call this snobbery, but believe me, the differences are very real and can be seen.

My question, which seems to have become lost somewhere in the fog of discussion, was why it is called a Leica forum, or any camera brand forum for that matter when it is, in reality an image forum. I think someone answered it best when he said that it is what DP Review decided to call it.

Forums are maintained by it's subscribers and is monitored by webmasters to make sure that flaming is kept to a minimum. You subscribers are content with the name Leica Talk and that is fine with me. As long as the subscribers are happy, that is all that is important. Those, like me who would rather subscribe to camera specific forums that also share constructive commentary on images as well as useful discussions on common technical issues can look elsewhere. I subscribe to Olympus, FujiX and Leica forums and they all satisfy this need. Keep on shooting. That is what keeps our hobby and/or profession going.


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your mia culpa doesn't indicate you have been reading many of the responses, there is gear talk here scroll through or do a search and you will find it. if your ego needs more gear talk start a thread. I think being controversial just because you can is ok but be prepared to back up your position.  This forum is geartalk and image talk because it gets a bit tedious talking about whats the best strap to go with your dinner jacket and the like.

As for the Leica look if you can see it you should be able to identify it if you cannot it may be only your wish that it is there.

I have been shooting Leica since the middle fifties  not my age the mid 1959's and the closest I have come to seeing this elusive so called Leica look is when they introduced the m2 and suddenly thirty five mm became the lens of choice for leica using photo journalists.  This indeed had a so called Leica look but really a slightly wide angle look, where as the introduction of the Nikon F made the fast fifty five and the eighty five the darling of the news photographers who used them. Leica shoots as a whole tend to be more wide angle then the reflex heathen

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