Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Nikon forums, they are already split and...

1prime wrote:

We've just about exhausted a lively interchange between FF & APSc advocates. At risk are some recognized solid DPR contributors. That thread is almost concluding, I think, before we start throwing our cameras at each other!


Saw this in the top threads. Nice idea, but...

Exhausted?  Sony just released the FF bodies, it is just starting, LOL, go look at the Nikon forums.  Splitting FF/APC will help a bit, but you will never stop the insecure people & their lively interchanges. (I love that term!!!) The APC users come to the FF forums whining, look at my APC it is the same as your FF. You also have the FF users that spent extra $ and realize it makes no difference for posting their pics to the web, headed to the APC forums saying FF is better. Lets not forget about DOF equivalence, diffraction, Hi-ISO comparisons, etc.

Then we have our extra special Pro DX (APC) forum where, at the moment, everyone just whines where is my D400?  (Pro sports APC body)

It is fun to watch, kind of like a train wreck happening, you cannot stop watching. HA-HA!

Actually I have learned over the last year or so how to spot the treads and just move on. Remember these are not photo furums, they are gear forums and the lively interchanges will rage on.

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