GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

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Re: GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

MrWalrusGumboot wrote:


I own both cameras so hopefully can help.

HAHA, thank you both East and MR. Walrus, you guys are awesome for responding so quickly.

Firstly the GH3 doesn't haven't peaking in any mode, so if that's a requirement for you, that helps narrow things down. The GX7's peaking is superb, 3 different colour choices per sensitivity level, works in video and stills and in the viewfinder, even with picture in picture mode. Let's not forget too that the GX7 will stabilize your manual lenses too.

Oh jeeze, it kind of is important. I know i want perhaps the kit lens for when AF is a MUST, bc sometimes i will just need it (i have a 2yo). But, most of my fun time shooting is manual where i can take my time, even portraits are fine with manual focusing. This is where i plan to wring out every drop of IQ with the help of speed boosters eventually, so peaking is a big one. Stabilization too, very helpful shooting in low light indoors like i do.

In terms of video differences, in AVCHD their video capabilities are virtually identical, picture-wise (keep in mind the GX7 doesn't have a mic input or headphone output). But the GX7's video is still outstanding. GH3 also offers h.264 codec in mov at 72mbps and 50mbps, I think you know if you need that bitrate, if you don't know, you probably don't need it.

I've always been a proponent of external mics. I don't edit too much, but i have played with syncing and i would just assume be fine with no mic input, no biggy. I do have a beefy PC but don't really need the massive files of h.264, don't plan on editing tbh. By the time i'm ready for that, i will be on my next purchase, gh5 maybe lol.

GH3 is weather sealed mith mg body. GX7 has mg body but no weather sealing. I've used GH3 is snow conditions to -12 Celsius for two hours shooting star trails and no issues. Haven't tried the GX7 is really trying conditions yet, but I think it'll do okay.

Yea i would really like sealing but i can't say i go out into many hurricanes to shoot, i think i can live without and hate to give up other features.

Battery life, in video I can get around 4 hours on one battery from my GH3 which is astounding, the GX7 about half of that. I can generally get a solid day shooting stills on the GX7 before needing the spare.

Will definitely need a spare batter for the 7.

Viewfinder, GX7 hands down, also I love and use the tilting all the time.

LCD, close call, the GX7 looks better, but the GH3 is fully articulated which is handy.

Yea i like the higher rez of both, articulated is nice for selfies but not that big of a deal when u have wifi on your phone.

Both have wifi, but the GX7 allows you to see your live view during video shooting, where the GH3 doesn't. The wifi is fantastic and a feature I use very regularly. It's also made others happy that I can share shots straight away, even on proper jobs.

This is important. I will use the wifi, and to be able to use it for video is great. I appreciate all the info guys, it seems the GX7 is going to be the camera then. One feature i really liked on both is the pinpoint AF point. So many times on other cameras the FP are too big and can't tell what i am shooting for. Between that and peaking for manual lenses, clear sailing. If anybody thinks of more feel free to post, thx again.

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