GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

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Re: GH3 vs GX7: Differences?

They could feel and look any different in your hands. Seems like a no brainer. If you're shooting pro level work and want a larger SLR type camera with great video and mic inputs then that's the baby. THe GX7 is more a rangefinder type camera with no mic inputs. Much more nimble.

Ontario Gone wrote:

So i think i am won over by MFT for good now. I have been looking at the X-E1 but the lens situation is just bugging me. The Fuji lenses are fantastic, but the cheapest one is $400, and the adapters for third party (what im really excited about) are not as numerous either. For example i still own 3 sony lenses i could use, but the only sony to fuji adapter is $300, compared to the same one for MFT for $60. To add to all this in my mind, DXO has a very slight margin between new MFT (GX7, GH3, EM5/1) and todays leading APSC. It is more or less a half a stop, at most, some are even. That is not very much when you consider speed boosters can make up an entire stop of light the other direction.

So, my decision is now in house. EM1 is too spendy, i just don't want to spend that much on a body and still have zero lenses. EM5 is missing a lot of what i want, the EVF isn't as nice as it could be, same with the LCD, it doesn't have 60p in video, and is lacking in things like peaking which i really want for use with lens adapters. This leaves me with the GH3 and GX7. I have read a lot about both, watched a lot of youtube, but aside from more video codecs on the 3, what are the major differences?

Having a battery grip would be nice, but in the opposite way, so would having such a small camera as the GX7. Is there any real performance issues one has over the other? They both have peaking as i'm aware, they both have wifi. Does the GH3 allow peaking in video like the 7? I really like the 1/320th flash sync of the GX7, and the 1/8000 ss as well. I would like to make up my mind but i don't want to buy one then find out something i missed (i am alergic to buyer's remorse). Feel free to offer any insight you wish, anything is helpful. If you have a list of 100 differences, i will read them all. Ty in advance, happy shooting.

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