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michaeladawson wrote:

lmtfa wrote:

Three parts: Vietnam Battle

In the movie version of the book and true story "We Were Soldiers Once & Young", what camera brand was Joe Galloway of UPI shooting with?

What camera model was it? Was it digital or film?

What was the name & model of the lens used?

Extra Credit. Was the camera authentic for the period?

BTW, one of the best Vietnam movies made, Im my opinion .

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III Corps - I Must Go

No one answered? I'm surprised. Well, I never saw the movie and I don't know the answers but I will start off with some guesses.

It's a Nikon forum. So the camera is a Nikon.


It's Vietnam so it only makes sense that it is a Nikon F. The real trivia question (without having seen the movie) to me is what is the finder on the F. I'm guessing the original non-metering finder, not one of the photomics

Correct-Year battle took place, 1965


If it's a Nikon F then it is film.


Name and model of lens? Just a guess. A Nikkor-S or Nikkor-S-C 50mm f/1.4.


If the movie actually used the equipment listed above it was authentic. But maybe they didn't?

We have a winner. Nice job Mike.

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Mike Dawson

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III Corps - I Must Go

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