Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: No, No, & NO

ottonis wrote:

The Cybershot forum does also comprise FF (RX1/r), 1" (RX100) and all the other small-sensor compacts all in one forum and people don't really complain.
The FF and APS-C E-mount cameras have so much more in common than the different cybershots, so it would only be consistent not to split the E-mount forum.

In an ideal world, every camera model and every lens would have their own forum, but this wohld lead to a monumental number of forums with a declining user base.

Agreed. Forum members with some technical knowledge will be less likely to follow two forums and answer questions.

I have posted answers to issues related to shutter vibration, use of fill flash, wireless flash control, use of legacy lenses, etc. in relation to both NEX and A7. The information applies equally to APS-C and full frame cameras.

A few posters said questions about the NEX do not get enough attention. I have often looked at the list of threads and there was hardly any real question left unanswered.

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