Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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captura wrote:

SimonOL wrote:

I can't see any reason that APS-C camera owners should feel threatened by FF - it's only natural that A7/A7R threads are taking over at the moment simply because the product is new and is attracting interest from those who aren't regular visitors to the e-mount (NEX) forum. Hopefully this initial flurry of A7/A7R posts will gradually subside and things will return to a form of 'normal'.

I look forward to seeing lots of great photos from the 2 new cameras (maybe even with lenses that I actually own or am ever likely to get); precious little so far, but plenty of comparisons and arguing.

At this time, I'm tempted to agree that a separate forum would be good just to get away from this stuff...

but this can't go on forever (I hope).


Where have you been hiding, Simon?

I've been attacked in many many ways, by both some respected members and newbie trolls, for expressing my opinions.

I back the idea of separating FF from APS-C by 100%. Never wanted them together in the first place. This combination is even worse by far than the continuous on/off dual within the M43 forum.

No peace until you do this.


Not been hiding anywhere - read a few of the ridiculous comparison threads and even replied to a couple but now decided it's just not worth the bother trying to argue with closed minds and deeply entrenched positions/prejudice.

If we didn't rise to the 'challenges', such ridiculous posts would quickly fall off the page in the same way as many NEX related threads are currently. Sometimes it's best to take a step back and leave the provocateurs unsated.

I don't have a problem with A7/A7R threads talking about the features and abilities of the cameras (maybe with some photos!) and think that the balance will soon move in favour of these types of posts.

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