Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

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You have got to be kidding me this thread is amazing and trust me. Ian has just started The advantage we do have with Ian, is that cameras tend to last only a couple of weeks ...... maybe a month at the most.

As I said earlier, I was dreading the day he got a Sony and here it is. Welcome to his world folks. I've known Ian and his antics a long time

Have fun and ask him how many cameras he has had in a year, its a fun one.


NOW I know why I thought this strikes a chord in my memory

Yeah, think Canon'ssss, Nikon'ssss, Oly'ssss, Fuji'sssss, Panasonic'ssss

And completely self admitted and now he finds (gulp) Sony A series

See ya and heaven help us if "Photo Perzon" gets one, gees.that's all we need.


OMG why can't we all accept that there is no one camera for everyone, too many fan boys on here!

If the camera does what "you" need it to do for "your" usage then it doesn't matter what make it is or format.

None of them are better than another, depending on what you use them for, some may even say an iPhone 5 is good enough and some will say it isn't .

Its coming towards Xmas, let's all live together after all it's the end result that matters, I have seen incredible images from 6mp cameras that are over 10 years old.

Oh I just love the next bit

Chill and enjoy whatever you think is bets for you, but don't force your opinions on others!

LOL, you what

So now you are talking to me Ian, how many cameras have you had so far ?? Can you remember ?? That is a serious question BTW

Do you plan to keep the A7 or A7r or do you plan to return them or sell them. I have a fair idea and don't forget the Nikon DF is there as well. Could be an interesting one for a camera ....... what is it you call it ............. COD, Camera Obsession disorder!!!!!

Are you sure its your brothers EM1 Ian ??

All the best Ian. Enjoy mate.


hi Danny

no this was not just aimed at you!I have got a cure for the COD it's the A7, for me just the package compact and high IQ, yes the lens selection is weak but I can live with the kit lens and 35mm until the rest come next year.

oh and by the way I have had around 14 cameras in the last 18 months and loved trying everyone of them!

all the best


For that, you get a thumbs up mate Not quite a camera a month then. You are slipping Ian

All the best.


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