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in terms of the all important thing IQ this will be subjective depending on your needs.

The 7s obviously do have better IQ but not by as much as you may think, my guess is 1.5 stops but this varies depending if you are shooting in the almost dark or in just dull weather.

The key phrase here is "depending on your needs." If your needs are mainly posting photos on the web, then even a 6MP P&S will be quite adequate. But if you want to print large, crop heavily, encompass a large dynamic range or shoot in very low light, then the FF A7s will easily beat the m43 EM-1.

Instead of cropping heavily it would be better to frame it properly in the first place.

Things people do forget sometimes

But will they shoot in very low light? Yes the sensor is good but if you want AF as well you have a problem because that is the A7's weak point. You need more than just a good sensor in low light, you also need decent AF. Plus you assume someone would be shooting with the same speed lenses.

Unless you're shooting fast paced action in low light why don't simply MF, like the good ol' days?

It does not need to be fast paced action. MF cost shots as it delays you. The subject moves, you need to refocus on MF and that moment of delay can cost you a shot.

Indeed. Some people doing landscape photography on this forum lamented A7 AF speed not being up to EM1's so I think all this pointing at A7 poor (is it really poor) performance being a valid reason to sacrifice IQ.. I have missed more shots in low llight with EOS bodies and not so fast lenses than I did with my nex-6 with fast glass. MF is all about getting used to it. When you have a good EVF you're ahlf way through.

Remember the m43 lens don't tend to need to be stopped down to get good performance from them and quite often are faster as well. That allows lower ISO's. If the subject it static as well that you are photographing in low light then you also have I.S on ever lens which allows even lower ISO's to be used. Low light photography is not as simple as just getting a camera with a good sensor.

But again it's not about the ISO(or High ISO) performance... It's about sensor resolution. The A7 renders details in a much finer grade, no matter at which sensitivity. And this is common to ALL full frame, not to the A7. There is no way ANY m43 can cope with that.

Incorrect, lens quality comes into it as well, plus camera shake, plus correct focus. Take something as simple as a headshot, I have retouched plenty of enough of other professional photographers work to know that unless you also use a decent lens stopped down correctly you will not see a difference when you print at say 10x8. Miss focus, same problem, tiny bit of camera shale same problem. Too many people out there think that full frame bodies will give them amazing results and there is a little bit more to it than that.

ANd speaking lens quality..  I do not own a single E/EF lens. I am fine with my lenses although i am always keen to buy more.. Franky I think MF is even better in portrait photography than AF as it lets you freely focus on the detail.

I think that you might add that IQ, being subjective, also depends on your standards. I do not own either of the A7s or the EM-1. However, I do own an RX1 and a Pentax K-5II (16MP APS-C) and some superb FA Limited prime lenses to mount on it. I will put my Pentax up against any m43 camera ever made, but when I compare its files side by side with the RX1's, the difference is obvious. I have no doubt that the same is true of the A7s vs the EM-1 and expect that the difference is probably even greater. Which is not to say that the EM-1 is not capable of producing very fine images, but let's be realistic about where it ranks in the IQ department.


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