Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

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Re: Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

As promised! I have other examples, but of the ones I was looking at tonight, this is my favorite for how it shows the effect on both highlights and shadows.

Original photo: highlight and shadow tones at STD.

Processed in-camera: highlight and shadow tones both at SOFT.

In this case, I much prefer the second image. The clouds show more texture, and the bushes, more foliage. The tree goes from all black (or nearly) to clear definition in the bark! The shadows in the columns and the building likewise seem more natural, or at least pleasing, than in the first shot. This is not always the case; oftentimes, SOFT can produce images that seem to give an unnatural glow, especially to skin tones.

As noted, both shots come from the same exposure(s), using in-camera Raw processing. I changed only the highlight & shadow tones: no noise reduction, sharpness,  film simulation, etc! So this should provide an accurate demonstration of what's meant by those terms.

I read somewhere that all the X series cameras feature in-camera raw processing, so the XF1 should also offer this, but I'd check the manual to be sure.

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