Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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I want all e-mount cameras to be in a single forum - I am selfish and I dont want to have to be surfing between two different forums when I am curious about some e-mount lens that works on both full frame and APS-c cameras

personally I think the commonality of the lenses the cameras use is more important than the sensor size

Well, it seems that lens commonality is a temporary issue until Sony sees fit to produce more specific lenses for their new FF Alphas. I assume you are aware of that. And most of the E lens info has already been posted. As well as any two way working E lens will assuredly be posted in a FF forum. If you need to periodically surf, it shouldn't be that troublesome for you to go to the APSc forum for that info. At least you'd be looking for something specific.

If you consider your statement from our perspective, instead of specific "surfing" we are bombarded every day with FF posts that override and often attack our point of APSc view. Most of us NEXers just want to survive in our old thread. Do some surfing here for yourself, and you'll readily find what I'm referring to. Enjoy your new FF.

just to make it clear to you - I shoot and NEX-7 with a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and an NEX-5 with an 18-55

I have no intention of buying a new camera until my NEX-7 dies and even thin it will most likely not be FF

as a side note - what to you mean "consider your statement from our perspective" I have been on this forum far longer than you and I have most likely been shooting with APS-c sensor cameras far longer than you

You have vastly more photographic experience than me, and I tried earlier to acknowledge that. While I respect your position here, I disagree in that this forum has just tilted too far to one side. At least that's my view. I look forward to reading your NEX insights. Thanks for replying. Don

the forum has tilted, but it hasn't tilted because full frame conflicts with APS, it has tilted because there are new cameras and everyone always wants to talk about whats new.

when the next aps-c camera comes out to finally replace the NEX-7 this place will be buried in posts about it.

but like I said the e-mount is one thing that is common about all of these cameras - I really want to hear what people think of the new 35mm f/2.8 zeiss and the 50mm f/1.8 zeiss - sure these are full frame lenses, but they are also e-mount and as such they will work on my NEX-7 in fact because they are full frame they might be even better than my current 30mm lens in the corners just because they cover a larger image circle.

I really want to see posts on these lenses all be in one place

now if they do decide to split things up then I think they need to do it like they did with the nikon forums - have separate forums for the different bodies and also a separate "lens lust" forum where all of the lens posts go

as a side note did you know that NEX was originally meant to stand for "New E-Mount Experience"

if you think about that then the A7 and A7r are in fact NEX cameras because they offer the latest E-mount experience

Very interesting, especially your NEX explanation. In some ways it's too bad they didn't continue the NEX, but perhaps they will continue it with APSc continuations.

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