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Df is an aesthetic failure.

marike6 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

RaajS wrote:

Intrigued by the Nikon Df? Looks like it might be a great low-light street shooting machine, with the ability to leverage some of the older classic prime lenses.

Love to hear your thoughts.



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It is a failure in design & pricing and void of new technology.

No, it's a failure in your eyes.  Considering that the Df has drawn more page clicks and interest than any other camera in recent memory including the Sony A7r and Leica M, I can't imagine how anyone could interpret the Df as a failure at all.

Though I am myopic you can hardly call a myopic eye a failure.

Obviously as a Nikon user I'm biased, but I'm not alone among Nikon users in thinking it's a beautifully made camera, the smallest and lightest FF DSLR ever created that offers well thought out manual exposure controls (and modern command dials) with great D4 image quality.  It's going to be my next camera for sure.  I'd love a Leica M, but it's a camera than most of us only dream about.  A Df is actually quite affordable and should be a awesome shooter.

Also as a Nikon user I must say Df is an aesthetic failure.

By the way, I don't consider slapping a lousy EVF on any camera "new technology".  So if an EVF mean "new technology" for you, I'm so glad the Df is "void of new EVF technology".  I had the X-Pro1 with the hybrid finder, it was nothing special at all.  Nice camera, but the finder wasn't anything special.

Neither do I like EVF so you do not have to quibble about silly ideas of your own.

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