Tips for handheld night outdoor city shooting?

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Re: Ah, yes, a gear list would be helpful :) ...

jalywol wrote:

The speedlights I use only cost $40. They've been a godsend on numerous occasions.

I was thinking that if I could use the ambient light (streetlights, storefronts), it might give the shots kind of a neat character, too. I would expect that subject motion blur is going to be an issue, though....

Yes, I suspect you're right. Without a tripod and without extra light and without a high-iso camera like a 5D Mark III ... you're setting yourself up for a difficult time. At least you have fairly fast glass.

Thanks, Lincoln, that looks like a great deal. It says it will work as a remote flash also, if I use the on camera one to trigger it...does it work well that way, too?

I've only tried it a few times that way but it seems to work. The speedlight has two optical modes, S1 and S2. S1 triggers on the first flash it sees, S2 is supposed to ignore a preflash and triggers on the second flash. You'll need to try it out beforehand, maybe turn off any pre-flash on the onboard flash.

The way I use the optical remote is to hook up one flash to my radio trigger (NPT-04) and then let the other flashes fire optically off that flash. This way I don't need line of sight from camera to flash. The flashes are almost always within line of sight of each other. That's how I usually use it, anyway.

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