Tips for handheld night outdoor city shooting?

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Re: Ah, yes, a gear list would be helpful :) ...

Bob Tullis wrote:

jalywol wrote:

Camera is EM1,

Lenses: I was figuring on using the 12-40mm f 2.8, if I could, however after dark, I have the 12mm f2, 14mm f2.5, and 25mm f1.4. I do have the 45mm f1.8, but I think that might be too long?

As was said, this would be a good place to use flash, but I couldn't rise to that occasion on demand myself. So I'd only bother with the f2 and faster lenses. The 45 is a must to bring. If not used to working with a 90mm FOV, it's an adjustment - you just look ahead of you a little farther than usual when seeking out prey to fire upon. If your subject is close, it's a street portrait. In the crowded Halloween parade crowds, I swapped to the 12mm from the 45, but the 45 proved to be THE lens to use all night. Be prepared to use 'em wide open, stop down as you're able. (Do you have a 2nd body for 2 primes at the ready?)

ISO 3200 is pretty darn good if you can get a decently bright exposure. Shoot JPG with adjustments to the curve (lower shadow/highlight contrast) + RAW. You might use auto ISO with 1600 or 3200 as your ceiling, and if in an area with better relative light, manually dial in 800 or so.

Thank you Bob, this is VERY helpful!!


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