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"Void of new technology" on a Leica forum?

James Bligh wrote:

RaajS wrote:

Intrigued by the Nikon Df? Looks like it might be a great low-light street shooting machine, with the ability to leverage some of the older classic prime lenses.

Love to hear your thoughts.



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Design: The upper deck is crowded with oversized control dials and Df as a whole looks monstrous.

Usually on a DSLR dials are made larger than on trendy miniaturized mirrorless camera so that photographers who care more about shooting than looks can get work done.

As far as "monstrous", the Df is the smallest, lightest DSLR to date, and it's actually only 30 g heavier than the Leica M.

Leica M  680 g

Nikon Df  710 g

Technology: What fusion is there? Where are the people who have chanted hybrid viewfinder etc.? I find nothing better than D700 in Df whether it is Dust Free or Digital Fusion or whatever.

The Fusion is a camera with manual exposure control interface (dedicated shutter speed, EV comp and ISO, a first on a digital camera) AND a modern two command dial DSLR style exposure control interface.  So users of older manual AI Nikkors with aperture rings can use an ALL manual style of exposure controls.

Not even a Leica M or Fujifilm X-Pro1 has anything remotely similar.  And users of modern AF Nikkors can use the two command dial system found on most modern DSLRs.  That's the fusion.

No other modern digital camera including the D700 has anything similar, nor does any current or past Nikon DSLR allow you to mount over 60 years of Nikkors including non CPU lenses and have full Matrix Metering.

Pricing: I have no interest whatsoever in Df but some people may do and they talk about the price. People say this Df thing should have been priced around US$2000 neck to neck to the price of D610.

I'm not sure how you build a body with a magnesium alloy body and knurled metal exposure dials, a pro style round eye cup and full weather sealing and sell it for the same $2000 as an entry level FF D610.  If you can figure out how Nikon could build such a camera and sell if for the same price as the entry level Nikon FF, you should probably start your own camera company or apply for the CEO job at Nikon.    The Df is priced between the D610 and D800 exactly where it should be.  And at least in the US and regions other than the UK, the pricing of $2750 is quite fair considering how competitively the D610 and D800 are priced (note the D800 is price $500 less than its nearest competitor the Canon EOS 5D Mk III).

It is a failure in design & pricing and void of new technology.

No, it's a failure in your eyes.  Considering that the Df has drawn more page clicks and interest than any other camera in recent memory including the Sony A7r and Leica M, I can't imagine how anyone could interpret the Df as a failure at all.

Obviously as a Nikon user I'm biased, but I'm not alone among Nikon users in thinking it's a beautifully made camera, the smallest and lightest FF DSLR ever created that offers well thought out manual exposure controls (and modern command dials) with great D4 image quality.  It's going to be my next camera for sure.  I'd love a Leica M, but it's a camera than most of us only dream about.  A Df is actually quite affordable and should be a awesome shooter.

By the way, I don't consider slapping a lousy EVF on any camera "new technology".  So if an EVF mean "new technology" for you, I'm so glad the Df is "void of new EVF technology".  I had the X-Pro1 with the hybrid finder, it was nothing special at all.  Nice camera, but the finder wasn't anything special.

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