Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

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Re: Anyone for separate FF & APSc DPR forums?

herculeshs20 wrote:

Absolutely - we NEXers have been crowded out.

When the NEX-7 started to be talked about and then endless speculation and worry over the tragic floods in Thailand pushed NEX-C3 and NEX-5N discussion off the page, did you folks call for a separate NEX-7 sub-forum?

It's new camera forum syndrome here all over again and will happen whenever any big new step is taken by the maker. Just wait for the NEXt 'nex-like' camera to show up and the sub-forum will be swooning over that.

Probably the new APS-C cameras will have a lot in common (like menu systems, and the E mount which certainly does tie the two together) with the A7 cameras; separating them doesn't make a lot of sense other than mere short term inconvenience.

I vote no.

Actually what I vote no to is more discussions of creating a new forum.

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