Sony 7 v 7r v EM1

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"puny sensor"

blue_skies wrote:

Lol, I just commented on the silliness of such a comparison.

It is like comparing a Ferrari and a Ferrari and a Volkswagen.

So what you're saying is the Ferraris are incredibly expensive to buy, extraordinarily expensive to maintain, have a stiff, harsh ride, are thirstier than a sponge, have little people room and even less cargo room?  Why in the world would you compare the new Sonys to Ferrari?  The Sonys look to be good, practical cameras!


Accept the differences first, and then wonder why the E-M1 is such a big camera for such a puny sensor...

That's what the medium format guys always call the FF sensors. Puny.

Sure, they all take pictures, but the E-M1 cannot do what the A7/r can do - and not the other way around.

The other-way-around is the confusing part: sure, you can match exposures, etc., to make similar images with any camera. Throw in the RX10, RX100 and my cell phone for good measure.

But why cripple the higher end camera such that the lower end camera can keep up?

We can all drive Volkswagens and be happy, and as there are speed limits on the freeway it even makes sense.

But have you ever driven a Ferrari? Would you then put it next to a Volkswagen?

Silly, just silly....

Some people are happy with a car that can do 230 mph.  Others need (or think they need) a car that can do 250.  That's why there are different camera systems for different people.

Go figure?!

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