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Re: Street with Nokton 1.1

wilsonlaidlaw wrote:


Thanks for the update. That information has confirmed for me, that I shall not be getting a Nokton. I was going to buy a Noctilux 50/f0.95 this year but sadly I had to go to Switzerland to have a failed metal ankle joint replaced at my expense, when nobody in the UK was prepared to do it. My 35/1.4 Summilux ASPH focus peaks wide open, as does my 50/2 ZM Zeiss Planar. I am hoping that the promised Zeiss surprise for ZM lenses will be a super fast 50 but whatever it is, it is apparently delayed until at least next year. I may end up getting another 50/1.4 ASPH Summilux but having already had a poor one and sold it on, I am a bit wary.

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Wilson Laidlaw


first of all I am sorry to hear about your ankle troubles. I hope you are better now.

You are raising an interesting point, which is that the focus peaking may be related to the inherent sharpness of a lens. Unfortunately ( ) I do not have any summilux, but when I tried with the Voigt 35 1.2 II, I can actually get some focus peaking from f1.2, but by using the screen at the back (not the EVF). I re-tested the nokton 50 1.1 and for high contrast scenes (black letters on white page) I could get a bit of focus peaking help at about f1.7 to f2.

So basically I think the focus peaking depends a lot on the sharpness of the lens, whether you use the screen of EVF, and of course the focal length and aperture..

Next time, I buy a lens I will make sure it can be used with focus peaking to test its sharpness!

Best, D

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