Looking forward: Pentax FF in 2014?

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Re: It will be 15 years looking forward in 2014 n/t

Yanko Kitanov wrote:

samhain wrote:

Now I finally have a reason to get the A* 135/1.8! Hopefully Pentax will do an af version with new coating for the FF. That would be a lens to turn some heads!

That is one hell of a lens! I like it as much as I do like the Sony 135 STF and even more than the Zeiss Sonnar 1.8 and Canon L 2.0 designs. It will be great to put it on a 36MP, AA switchable, FF body. I can't wait to put the 55 1.2 Cosina or Tomioka on it too.

Can't wait to put my Zeiss ZK 35/2, and especially the Zeiss macro planar 50/2 on a 36mp Pentax FF, for that matter.

Of course for those of us that have high quality MF FF lenses lying around or in use on Apsc bodies, there's an extra attraction to FF, and some wishful thinking regarding introduction date, but that's not really why I believe that the Pentax FF is on it's way (for that, see the opening post)....

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