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Re: DPReview is against you!

JamieTux wrote:

PVCdroid wrote:

We have 4-5 front page threads on this forum with way too much activity that were started by MFT trolls. They have sent their pros over with subtle hints that the EM1 should be the choice due to AF, lens availability and the normal IQ is better over there diatribe. It's a waste of their time and money. They are well organized and stirring up the pot on a daily basis here. Anyone owning three to four current cameras is either confused, rich or up to no good.

I see Ian appearing on lots of forums talking about this and that camera, he's been a serial swapper for a while now (trying to balance size vs IQ vs features) - but the A7s look like they could be the sweet spot for him so testing against a known quantity seems fair to me.

I don't think it's a planned attack on the forum or you plastic robot
As for the comparisons they are valid the A7r has finally allowed me the small system I've been looking for for 5 or 6 years - a great little system that fits inside a travel back or even coat pocket but that gives me full functionality with my SLR lenses, getting to that point I've owned cameras from quite a lot of the forums on here (and could comment on the strengths and weaknesses from MY perspective).
Do you really think that there are a bunch of people out there with lots of spare time and energy planning campaigns against the Sony E-mount forum to belittle our cameras for their own amusement? That thought is the one that makes me smile! How many of the people in the war room are acted by Peter Sellers? Awesome

That m43 cabal is very real. They rigged camera of the year award of last year and they are making DPReview recommend m43 cameras over similarly-priced APS-C cameras this year. I mean, come on, it's just a tiny sensor, how can it win anything?

Blue skies is one of the nicest and most diplomatic posters around, dispensing pearls of wisdom like no one else. And yet, the cabal wants him silenced. It boggles the mind the shenanigans going on here. Never forget: +2EV. The truth has to be spoken.


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