Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

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Re: Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

CAcreeks wrote:

Has anyone investigated the cameras (X10, X10, XF1, XS1, HSnn) that have a setting for highlight and shadow treatment (soft means more detail) to see how well it works compared to DR 200 + 400?

The direct answer is no; I have not taken the care to take test shots to see the effect. However, my default menu settings for both Highlight Tone and Shadow Tone are "M-Soft." I am not certain that "Soft" means more detail -- where did you get that information? The XF1 manual (page 106 paper, page 120 .pdf) gives no clue as to what adjustment of Highlight Tone and Shadow Tone do; the settings are just there, like the close-the-door buttons on the panels of elevators in office buildings, which I always have suspected to be unconnected to anything other than the egos of the people who push them.

I was just reading the X-M1 review and it seems that soft highlight and shadow settings do not increase ISO, as does the DR setting.

Which review was that, this page on DPReview, or some other?

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