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Re: Some posters cannot buy many lenses!

I won't be shooting sports, nor video. I just want a high quality versatile zoom that I can do many things with, including street photography, nighttime skylines, and other subject matter that will allow me to frame the subject without necessarily having to move forward or backward. I also want nice bokeh and subject separation, especially with human subjects. Can I do this with the f4? Weight is not a factor to me, I've got a Black Rapid sports strap that will alleviate the weight, besides, I'm 6'1 240, and sturdy enough to carry it all day.

Besides the 2.8 aperture, is there anything I'll be missing if I get the f4?

If weight is not a factor and you expect to be in challenging light, there is no substitute for fast glass.

The difference between F4 and 2.8 is not all that small. I want my ISO as low as possible and faster shutter to minimize motion blur.

Even in reasonable light faster glass will often pay out.

Some say the F4 is a little bit sharper. Maybe when comparing 2.8 to F4, but stop down the VRII to F4 and it's easily as sharp or sharper. But the main point: The VRII is already sharp wide open at 2.8!

Both lenses are suitably sharp, so it's really pointless to worry over it.

F4 gives you great IQ, improved VR, lighter weight, less focus breathing

F2.8 VRII gives you great IQ, faster glass, pro build

Since I do a lot of event/portrait/candid the 2.8 is the better lens. I'm almost always shooting wider than F4.


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