Why not make the EOS M II a RAW video centric small camera ?

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Re: Why not make the EOS M II a RAW video centric small camera ?

Jonathan Brady wrote:

You're quoting from a random website that has NOTHING to do with any major manufacturer. In fact, it's a video-centric website, not stills. If just randomly start a website called betterthaneoshd.com and post that consumer DSLR'S will be the only cameras available in 5 years, does that mean it's credible?
I think you need to get off your high horse and figure out what you're talking about before you go and try to insult others by questioning their intelligence.

There you go again, not intelligence, READING skills !  You seemed to fail to read what I actually re-stated, your fault not mine.

I suggest you gather some info about the ongoing camera market and human trends, and begin to think some yourself, AND polish that reading skill, exact words do matter !

And even if Canon stated the exact same thing, it does not mean it will happen, it just means that is their 'GUESS', and others besides the camera corporations can read/see the same trends/data, but once again - trends are a 'snapshot' of sorts, not clairvoyance !

Besides, we already see a strong shift from 'Consumer' DSLRs, you don't see that? It may take less than 5yrs!?

Lets face it, Canon is not innovating like others, their consumer grade DSLRs are NOT market leading in new tech, great cameras yes, leading edge tech - no.

Dual-Pixel is the first real new tech in some time, push on Canon !

Now Canon, get your mirrorless/hybrid AF MUCH faster ! Panasonic/Oly are so much faster AND precise! AF algorithms !!!!!!!!

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