Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

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Re: Soft highlight + shadow VS DR 200 400?

CAcreeks wrote:

Has anyone investigated the cameras (X10, X10, XF1, XS1, HSnn) that have a setting for highlight and shadow treatment (soft means more detail) to see how well it works compared to DR 200 + 400?

My interpretation of "soft" is not "more detail", but "greater dynamic range in the JPG", "more color retained in JPG", or "smoother tone curve," something to that effect. In fact, I tend to use them with DR 200, 400, etc. to obtain a more pleasing JPG. I suppose that can mean more detail, but I think of it as recovering blocked shadows and blown highlights in the resulting JPG. I frequently apply this on the X10, either when there's a backlit or when the contrast is high.

I might not be describing the effect correctly, having discovered it on my own, & finding the effect pleasing in certain situations. In all the talk about sizes & DR, I don't recall anyone talking about this (recently). Well, except myself in one thread, but no one seemed to pay attention then.

I might be able to provide an example of what I mean later, but I'm at work now, don't know when I'll be able to get my hands on the computer I can use for these things (kids at home all week), & besides, you can test it yourself in a fairly high contrast situation. (Upon edit:) Though, not too high contrast. This is a genuinely software DR tool, used in processing only. You can't recover data that's lost even in the Raw files.

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