Why is this called "Leica Talk" ?

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A General Observation

Forums in general only work well because of the commitment and goodwill of the people posting on them. If people are not motivated to spend the time and the effort to post, read and/or comment then there would be nothing.

For this forum it just so happens that the majority of people currently active are motivated by pictures rather than gear although the contribution of the gear to the the photos is understood and appreciated.

There is nothing at all to prevent other people from joining the forum and posting about whatever they think is appropriate and interesting and if enough people do this and enjoy it then we would have effectively two (or more) forums working alongside each other under one heading. I can see this being in general a good thing, well assuming that everything remains harmonious (and this is a big assumption based on other forums!).

In fact there is already quite a lot of that, for example Rodrigue's posts with his excellent photos taken with the X Vario and his commentary on how the camera played a significant part in taking those photos.

So really then the question is not why is the forum the way it is (simple answer: because the majority of posters like it that way) but rather why isn't it a gear related forum and where are all the people who have the motivation to spend the time and effort to discuss the more technical aspects of Leica photography?

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