Canon S100 image stabilization in P mode

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Re: Canon S100 image stabilization in P mode

JozsVFR wrote:

mfait wrote:

JozsVFR wrote:

Thank you, Phil ! The starting question ( is there an image stabilization mode in P mode ? ) already answered ( the answer is: YES :-). Now the discussion is about: are there intelligent IS modes in P mode ?

Have you looked at the manual yet?

The answer is YES!

Page 186 states the following for continuous mode - "Automatically sets the optimal image stabilization for the scene (Intelligent IS) (p.207)."

But earlier, when I wrote: "if I am right, the image stabilization does work in P mode, but only in a simple way ( without the 7 intelligent mode ) (?)"

you answered: "That's pretty much how it works,"

I may believe that it's true, but why can't we see the icons on the LCD screen, as we can see in AUTO mode ? I also lack it from the EXIF data.

After reading the manual again I realized that was wrong.  It works as specified in the manual.

Not sure why you don't see any of the icons related to image stabilization.  Page 207 says that it displays the icons when in Auto mode, implying it won't in other modes.

Pick Continuous or Shoot Only mode and don't worry about.

When I set up my camera I chose Shoot Only and haven't given it a second thought and haven't had any issues with blurry pictures.

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